No HDB BTO for me :(

After setting my heart on some possible Build-To-Order (BTO) HDB apartments it turns out that singles can only purchase new apartments that are 2-room (that means 1 bedroom)!


Somehow that is not surprising because there continues to be a huuuge demand for new HDB housing. So why limit options for singles while prioritising families? Singapore’s replacement has dipped steadily to an alarming 1.16. With high demand for limited supply of new HDB flats, it simply makes sense that families have priority over singles for larger (than 2-room) flats.

Totally understandable.

But as it turns out this is not the only bummer for singles: if your monthly gross salary exceeds $6,000 you cannot apply for any new HDB unit!

Feels totally unfair until one realises that this $6k income ceiling is quite a bit more than the gross median income salary of Singaporeans at $4232 in 2017. Logical that you don’t qualify if your salary is more than the median, since HDB apartments are intended to be affordable.

And it’s not applicable only to singles either, because families also face an income ceiling of $12,000 – which works out to about $6.000 per spouse (assuming non-working children).

So if one cannot purchase a new HDB apartment, what’s available? How about an Executive Condominium?

Nope you don’t qualify for that either as a single.

Which only leaves the option of turning to resale apartments, which has seen prices steadily decline over the recent years.  Sure, resale HDB apartments are priced higher than new (BTO) ones, but that’s because they are in more mature locations which means better access to public transport, grocery stores and other amenities – very important for a non-driver like me!

Even better, HDB launched an all-new resale portal that’s halved the time the entire process of purchasing a resale apartment takes.

Ok that means it’s time to go for resale apartment hunting! here I come!


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